With the Bank of England base rate as low as it has ever been is it now time to look for professional advice to secure your financial future.

Since the financial downturn it has been increasingly difficult to get a decent return on your savings and investments. With bank and building society’s offering a low return for security on your savings that in some cases don’t even beat the current rate of inflation.

What should the average consumer do? In years gone by it has been considered that having a financial advisor is only for the rich and well off. Although this is not true and receiving solid financial advice from a professional can make a huge difference to your financial future.

You no longer have to have millions for a financial advisor to want to deal with you. There are many financial advisors that work with the average consumer in the local area. Helping them manage their savings pensions and investments. The best way to find a quality financial advisor is to take recommendation from people in a similar situation to you. Speak to co-workers friends and family see who they use or if they have any recommendations for you. Another way is to ask your mortgage broker they normally work as part of a network that will have financial advisors linked to them or who they have worked with before on mutual clients before.

Mortgage Advice Southampton has an in house financial advisors read to help you. If you live in Southampton or Hampshire call us today to arrange an appointment. If you live in Bournemouth or Dorset we can travel but also have partners that we recommend for you to meet locally.